Matt laminating pouches

MATT laminating fiIm is a kind of high quality film with single sand surface which isspecially processed. The fine touch and good material improve the professionallevel of the elegant cover. After laminated, it can be written by pen and can becleared by eraser.
1. The performance of transcendent rub resistance, scratch resistance and chemical resistance; when used for switch and panel, it has long use time and goodbend resistance.
2. It has the property of being printed and it has good thermal stability, whenprinted by a lot of colors, it can solve the obsession of chromatic printing.
3. The printing side is processed by special chemical treatment, so the
adhesive force to oil ink is great.
4. Thermal stability is good.
This product is widely used for ID cards, driving licenses, licenses, passes, representation cards, service cards, pictures, photos, business licenses,file materials, computer figures, business cards, etc.

A4 216*303MM,220*307MM,225*310MM75MIC, 80MIC, 100MIC, 125MIC, 150MIC,175MIC,200MIC,250MIC
A3 303*426MM, 310*430MM75MIC, 80MIC, 100MIC, 125MIC, 150MIC,175MIC,200MIC,250MIC
A5 A6 A775MIC, 80MIC, 100MIC, 125MIC, 150MIC,175MIC,200MIC,250MIC